The House with a Heart

Heart shaped rocks have become a signature trademark of Alice’s House. Guests find these treasures when walking along the beach and leave them at the house to be shared with all who come to Alice’s House. Sometimes there are messages and words of love and hope painted on them.

Some are perfectly shaped hearts, others are misshapen and show signs of brokenness.

Some sit alone atop a table or nightstand, some decorate the deck and stairways to the house. Singularly, stacked, broken – they are precious gifts of the sea – meant to be cherished and shared. They are manifestations of the love that is infused within the walls of Alice’s House. When fire destroyed Alice’s House in 2012 – all that remained amidst the ashes was a portion of the chimney upon which the metal lining had melted and formed the shape of the heart. Stacks of heart shaped rocks were left along the empty and devastated site by unknown people sending their own messages of love and support.

This tradition continues with each new guest – sharing this small token of gratitude and hope.

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