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THANK YOU Rock your heart 2022

More photos to come in the following days from our photographers. Stay tuned!!

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Although difficult to encompass the true essence of Alice’s House without experiencing it yourself firsthand, please take a moment and view a brief snapshot of the house and its unique amenities. Alice’s House has four bedrooms, four bathrooms, three different decks and a fully open kitchen and living space. The house has a light and open feeling with a whimsical and energetic vibe. Unique art installations donated by individuals in our community add to the heartbeat of Alice’s House. We invite you to visit our menu above to enjoy each room.

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Heart Rocks

We are grateful for your interest in Alice’s House and happy to continue the conversation about what Alice’s House means to our community.  

Our mailing address is: 

Alice’s House, PO BOX 681, Humarock, MA 02047

To learn more about Alice’s House, please complete the following:

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“It’s a lovely memory to keep in my heart.”

Martha McManamy With Jane Smith

“Alice’s house was a magical place. It was warm, inviting and open to all. I felt accepted and comfortable the whole time I was there. The setting is magnificent with the ocean waves making music while we worked and slept. I only wished I could have gone more than twice. It was an experience that touched me deep in my soul and heart.”

Merrilee Hindman