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‘Rock Your Heart Race info

Register here and Walk, Race, Get Movin’!

Join us for Alice’s House 5th annual ‘Rock Your Heart 5k that brings together the community and supporters in Humarock, MA. This year’s 5k is our 25-10-5 anniversary!

This commemorates: 

  • 25 years of the creation of Alice’s House as a non profit organization
  • 10 years since the original house was lost to a fire
  • 5 years since rebuilding the current Alice’s House 

We invite you to join us on Sunday, October 16, 2022 in Humarock to run or walk our 5k route.  Grab a group to sign up, create a team,  or come as an individual to enjoy the day. We’ll also be offering a virtual option for those that can’t make it.

Hope to see you all there!

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Although difficult to encompass the true essence of Alice’s House without experiencing it yourself firsthand, please take a moment and view a brief snapshot of the house and its unique amenities. Alice’s House has four bedrooms, four bathrooms, three different decks and a fully open kitchen and living space. The house has a light and open feeling with a whimsical and energetic vibe. Unique art installations donated by individuals in our community add to the heartbeat of Alice’s House. We invite you to visit our menu above to enjoy each room.

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Heart Rocks

We are grateful for your interest in Alice’s House and happy to continue the conversation about what Alice’s House means to our community.  

Our mailing address is: 

Alice’s House, PO BOX 681, Humarock, MA 02047

To learn more about Alice’s House, please complete the following:

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“I loved that night on the beach. Jay, you told a story about a time when you were in the Navy that involved moving a Coke vending machine. We were all entranced!”

Love, Moira

“Story telling workshops at Alice’s House were like one of Linda’s soups, full of nurturing ingredients. People connecting and  stretching through story with sparks, lullabies, dreams and artistry, all played to the rhythm of the tides. So many wonderful people.”

Tara Law