A Collaboration of Hearts

In the Summer of 2017, Marcia Ballou organized a special gathering of local artists at her studio located in Marshfield, Ma. Donna Rosetti Bailey, Kristine Brennan, Laura Harvey, Nancy Colella, Dottie Penthany, Debbie Cornwall, Sally Dean and Mary Curran worked together painting hearts.

A Banner of Hearts

While they painted with bright cheerful colors, they remembered and wished for peace and healing for those who are struggling. As a result, the vibrant ” Banner of Hearts” was created to hang in the stairway of Alice’s House.

A Banner of Hearts



One thought on “A Collaboration of Hearts

  1. My wife and daughter were two of the many essential workers in the nursing field working with others in the Boston hospitals to meet the recent public health crisis. We took the house for a long weekend, both in recognition of their efforts and to give them a much needed respite. It didn’t take me long to think of the age old practice of going to the shores for healing as the abundance of fresh ocean air and the sound of the waves has such a significant therapeutic effect. The family as a whole slowly processed the weight and gravity of the previous three plus months. In addition to the natural benefits, the house itself is incredibly welcoming, comfortable, and when you are told you don’t need to bring anything, if you think of something just poke around until you find it, it is accurate. Not having to get into a car for several days was an added therapeutic measure. The description of Alice’s House as a healing house is a very accurate statement.

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